An anecdote about a little candle

An anecdote about a little candle conveyed by a man who was climbing the stairs of a beacon. In their way up to the best, the candle asked the man, “Where are we going?”


“We’re heading off to the highest point of this beacon and offer signs to the huge ships on the sea,” the man replied.


“What? How might it be workable for me with my little light to offer signs to those huge boats?”


“They will never have the capacity to see my light”, answered the candle pitifully.


“That is your part. In the event that your light is little, left it alone. You should simply continue consuming and leave the rest to me”, said the man.


Somewhat later, they touched base at the highest point of the beacon where there was a major light with a circle behind it. At that point the man lit the light with the light of the candle and immediately, the place shone so brilliantly that the boats on the sea could see its light.


With our being and our restrictions, we’re not really ready to do any significant things. However, one thing we should remember is that our life resembles a little candle in God’s capable hand. Every one of our capacities and skill will stay as a little light in the event that we don’t put our life in God’s grasp. Actually, regardless of whether our light is so little or diminish, on the off chance that we depend all our life to God, he can make our little light into a major one that brings endowments to numerous individuals.


Have confidence that you are in His strong hand that He will utilize you as per His will. When we put all our trust in Him, we will perceive how He utilizes our lives, including our restrictions, to be gifts to others.


Be a little candle yet continue consuming; leave the rest to Him with reference to how you would prevail with regards to illuminating different lives!


“A candle lost only lights another candle.”

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